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Our Massage pain Oil
1. relieve PAIN in seconds without any side effect.
2. Gentle apply. Relief pain .
3. pure herbal oil for outer application to relieve pain .

4.IMPORTANT: Migraine head ache, and sinus get relief by vapour inhalation of this pain oil.

Salient features Oil : -
1. This is effective in 1 drop only for joints pain & 3-4 drops for back pain.
2. This is the only rub oil, which removes the cause, pressure on nerves, to relieve the pain.
3. Rub oil gently till absorbed. It will give soothing effect only. No burning, no irritation, no coolness.
4. This can be used even on infants tender skin.
5. This is good for gout, arthritis & haemotoma.
6. This is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic & muscles relaxant. It increases blood flow.
7. Apply oil on bruise & minor cuts, for prompt healing & to relieve swelling & pain.
8. For morning stiffness, apply oil 1 drop on every joint at bedtime.
9. Apply oil on herpes zoster, dry eczema, pustules of pox & dry cirrhosis of skin to get rid of itching, swelling, pain & burning.
10. To clear nasal blockage, apply oil around & below nose even to a infant. To relieve headache apply oil on forehead or give head massage.
11. In ent region to reduce pain & swelling apply R-MATE for furuncular otitis & otitis externa, put a drop in the ear.
12. This will help drastically reduce intake of pain killers & anti inflammatory drugs. So one is saved from their side effects.
Indications: -musculoskeletal pain & swelling, pain in joints, arthritis, gout, haemotoma. Dry eczema & other dry cretonnes skin irruptions. Herpes zos'ter, headache, nasal blockage. Furuncular otitis, otitis externa, pain & inflammation in ent region.
How to apply: -take only few drops, massage gently at the affected place till oil is absorbed.

After half an hour, pour slight hot water [some 5 to 7 mugs of water] on the affected area.

Get full relief from pain.

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