Gotukola Capsules

Gotukola Capsules

GOKSHURA is a unique herb having specific functions on an important system of body. Mainly it acts on urinary system eliminating toxins from the circulation and balancing the body fluids. It is very effective in patients suffering from oedema, cardiac disorders, and fluid collection. It is very potent in its action being a very effective diuretic. It is useful in all kinds of urinary complaints. Its benefits are seen even in respiratory diseases. Acute and chronic diabetic patients can also use it.

It is diuretic and improves the Glomerula filtration rate(GFR) besides increasing the contractile effects of ureters. It inhibits the angiotensin converting enzyme. Thus it causes antihypertensive action.


Effective in all kinds of urinary tract diseases.

Beneficial in diabetes mellitus

Effective in cardiac conditions

Useful in edematous conditions

Gotukola Herbal Capsules

GARLIC is well-known Indian spice. It is used in everyday food preparation. It is highly beneficial for the health. It relieves many abdominal discomforts quickly. Usage of garlic has been described in ayurveda for any age people. Its uses can be made in to different forms for ex oil is used as pain killer in case of ear disorders. It acts wonderfully in case of nausea and loss of appetite. Garlic capsules are highly used in respiratory complaints like cough, cold, breathlessness etc. It is very much useful in chronic diseases also. Many Indian home remedies do contain garlic as a prime substance. It is easy for digestion controlling hyperacidity.



Cough, cold, breathlessness, bronchitis, asthma and abdominal bloating, nausea, acidity etc .

Also as a pain killer in abdominal pain, joint pain etc.


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